Back to Work Offer

Back to Work Offer 

Summer Offer

To keep me on my toes after my Summer break (and I could live to regret this!!!), MakeMyWill Solicitors are offering €10 off  the normal fee for all new Clients making their Wills, provided full instructions are received by me, Susan, before Friday 3rd August. Here are some frequently asked questions about what’s involved:

What’s involved in making a Will?

The good news is that with MakeMyWill Solicitors, everything can be done by phone and/or by email. We know from experience that a lot of people put off making a Will because of the hassle of going to a solicitor’s office, and MakeMyWill wish to solve that problem without compromising on providing a professional service.

Many of our clients like to have a chat and give Susan their instructions over the phone. It normally takes about 25 minutes or so. If this suits you, just let her know when you are free to take a call.

Alternatively if you’d prefer to use email, you can complete a form on the secure website at and this gives Susan a lot of the information she will be looking for to get started, and you can follow up by email.

What if I have kids under 18?

If you have children under 18, your main concern is presumably to put provisions in place for them. In this regard, you need to choose Executor(s) to administer the Estate. The Executor gathers in details of assets and liabilities, signs all the paperwork with the solicitor, sells property if applicable, and eventually distributes the net Estate.

Secondly, you need to choose at least two Trustees who would manage any monies/assets until the children reach a certain age, normally 21. The Trustees are usually given a discretion to use the trust monies for the children’s education and maintenance in the meantime.

Finally, you need to pick a Guardian who would take on the day to day care of the children if any of them were under 18. You can include an alternate Guardian if the first one is unable/unwilling to take on the role.

Note: you can have the same people do all three roles if you wish.

How much?

MakeMyWill Solicitors’ fee is normally* €135.00 per person, or €190.00 per couple.

How does the Will become valid & legally binding?

Once we have your instructions Susan will draft up the Will, email you the draft for approval and when you are happy she will post the official Will to you to sign in front of two witnesses. The witnesses can be neighbours, work colleagues, family friends, etc. They cannot be beneficiaries named in the Will. The witnesses do not need to see what’s in the Will; they are only witnessing your signature. Susan will ask you to send her a copy of the signed page for verification. Once verified, your Will is valid and legally binding.

Reviews from Clients

Please take a look at the “Testimonials” page to get a sample of the lovely reviews we have received from our Clients to date


* Please note additional fees may apply if the matter requires more work and time due to complexity of the individual circumstances, but we would advise you on this beforehand if applicable.

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