At Make My Will Solicitors, our main service is that of taking instructions and drafting of Wills. We also offer a range of additional services.

1. Will drafting.

We would ask you to contact us initially by completing and submitting our questionnaire, or alternatively the short query form, to us and let us know your preferred method of contact (e-mail or phone). If you wish to be contacted by phone, please indicate your preferred time to take a call. We will then seek payment of our fee and in return send you a draft of your Will for your approval. Once you are happy with the draft Will, we will arrange to post you the official Will to be signed, dated and witnessed, along with clear instructions. You will need two independent witnesses to your signature. To ensure the Will is correctly executed, we ask that you scan or send a photo of the signed Will for verification. Once verified, the copy Will will be deleted for security purposes.

From January 2023, the fee for this service will be from €150.00 plus VAT per Will, or €250.00 plus VAT for couples making similar Wills.  Please note additional fees may apply if the matter requires more work and time due to complexity of individual circumstances. For face-to-face meetings an additional fee applies. We can accept payment by card over the phone, or by on-line bank transfer, or by cheque.

2. Witnessing of the Will.

Susan may be available to be one of the witnesses of your Will (two people must see you sign the Will) if you are based in the Wexford town area. A small fee may apply.

3. Inheritance Tax queries.

We will advise you about any of your beneficiaries’ potential inheritance tax liabilities based on the most current Tax Thresholds and Rates in Irish Law. The fee for same is included in the fee for your Will.

4. Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

This is a document that allows you to appoint one or two people to act as your attorney(s) in the event that you become mentally incapable of managing your own affairs at some point in the future. This would give your attorney the power to manage your affairs only if you wouldn’t have the capacity to do so yourself. It is important to note your attorney has no power until the document is registered with the Wards of Court Office. Susan would need to meet with you and your proposed attorney to execute this document. The fee for this is from €300.00 plus VAT per EPA, or €500.00 plus VAT per couple, plus a mileage fee of €0.80 per kilometre from Wexford town.

Please note additional fees will apply if the EPA has to be registered with the Wards of Court Office in the future.

5. Probate Applications

Where an Estate is over a certain value, or where there is property in the deceased person’s sole name, you may be asked to produce a Grant of Probate, or a Grant of Administration, which is the legal document official appointing you as the Personal Representative to administer the Estate. MakeMyWill Solicitors are Wills and Probate experts, and can provide assistance with the process. For more information, or to enquire about the legal fees and outlays, please contact us. As all Estates are different and may require more/less work and administration, we will provide an estimate of fees following an initial consultation.

6. Probate queries – guidance with Personal Grants.

In the current climate, many people opt to take out a personal Grant of Probate to a Deceased’s Estate to avoid high legal fees. This Grant is the document required to administer the Estate. There is a lot of paperwork involved in taking out a Grant, and we offer practical advice on the steps involved and can check through the Probate Application papers before they are submitted to the Probate Office.  The standard fee for this service is €350.00 plus VAT, however please note this fee may increase depending on the complexity of the Probate Application. Any increase in fees will be advised after the initial consultation.

7. Advice on contentious matters.

We can offer initial legal advice to people who wish to challenge a Will, whether it be that they feel they are legally entitled to a share in the Deceased’s Estate, or that the Deceased might not have had the capacity to make a Will at the time, or that he or she was unduly influenced to leave a bequest to someone. We will discuss the circumstances with you and give our professional opinion on whether you might have a case to bring further. The fee for this initial consultation is €150.00 plus VAT, and if we believe you do have a case we can recommend a solicitor who specialises in this area.

8. Charities.

We would be happy to discuss any queries you may have on leaving a legacy (or legacies) to one or more Charities.

MakeMyWill Solicitors has teamed up with the Irish Cancer Society and The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation in an effort to promote charitable legacies. For every Will referred to us by either the Irish Cancer Society or by the Children’s Foundation, we will donate a percentage of our fee to that charity. Please note there is no obligation to leave a charitable legacy, but it is hoped that you might consider the benefit of leaving even a small legacy to the Society or the Foundation in your Will. This service is 100% confidential. Please see or for more information.

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