Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) is a document that lets you appoint someone to act as your Attorney in the event that you become mentally incapable of managing your own affairs at some point in the future. It is important to note your Attorney has no power at all until a medical practitioner certifies you no longer have capacity to manage your own affairs, and an application is made to the Office of the Wards of Court to register the EPOA. You would be given 5 weeks’ notice to object to such application.

You can have more than one Attorney if you wish. You can give your Attorney general power to act on your behalf, or you can set out restrictions, for example, if you don’t want your house to be sold. You can also have it relate to personal care decisions only.

When the EPOA is executed, you must notify two other people. If you are living with your spouse, he or she must be one of the people notified, and the other notice would go to your child, or other relative. Please contact Susan on 086-8377559 to discuss this in more detail, or email her at susan@makemywill.ie

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