Making a Will the easy way

WillMaking a Will has never been easier. Please take a minute to read this short post which explains what is involved in making a Will with Susan at MakeMyWill Solicitors.

Since qualifying as a Solicitor in 2008, I have always practised Wills & Probate Law; it is an area I find incredibly interesting. I have seen what can go wrong when people die without making a Will, or when a Will has been badly drafted.

During my time in general practice, I couldn’t help notice how often people said “I really need to make my Will” or “I keep meaning to do it” but then it’s forgotten about. Life gets in the way. People are too busy these days to give up a chunk of their day to go to a solicitor’s office to discuss something that many, understandably, find morbid. When you get a rare half-day to yourself, you should be able to enjoy it.

That’s why I set up – it’s the friendly, hassle-free way to make your Will. Your instructions are taken by me over the phone, or on-line, at a time that suits you. If evenings or weekends suit you better that’s fine, we can arrange it.

I will take your instructions and advise you, draft up your Will, email you the draft for approval, and when you are happy, I post the official Will to you to have signed in front of two witnesses. The witnesses can be neighbours, work colleagues, family friends, etc. They cannot be beneficiaries named in the Will.

This can all be done within a 5-day turnaround period. Job done!

Please get in touch with me today and don’t keep putting it off. You will feel a great sense of relief at how painless the whole process is; I guarantee it.

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