September Wills Special

I am pleased to offer a special discount to all my new Clients* for the first fortnight in September, 2015.

Make your Will today; an easy item to tick off your To-Do List

Have you been putting off important tasks over the holidays? I know I have. We all get a little caught up entertaining the children, catching up with extended family, and visiting various places over the summer months, that by the time the evening arrives, we just want to sit down and relax.

One such task for many is making a Will. We all know it’s something we should do; we should be the ones to decide what happens to our Estate if something happens to us. Some of you were perhaps lucky enough to have a holiday abroad during the summer. I always get a little nervous boarding a flight, for obvious reasons. I know before I made a Will, I used to panic about what would happen to my property, and more importantly my children, if (God forbid) I didn’t arrive at my destination. I cannot emphasise enough the peace of mind you will feel once you put your wishes down on paper.

Many people mistakenly think making a Will is only something to consider when you are nearing retirement. However, what if something happened you and your partner before the kids reached 18? I know it’s not something any of us like to dwell on, but accidents happen. Shouldn’t you be the one to decide who would take on the enormous role of guardian for your kids? Family

I regularly have clients ask me about property that is in their sole name; this can be very problematic in situations where there is no Will made. The Rules of Intestacy will apply, and people are often surprised to discover a spouse does not inherit the entire Estate when there are children involved. If the children are minors, surviving spouses may be left in limbo until the children come of age.

Please contact me today for an informal chat. I can take your instructions by phone or by email, at a time that suits you, and draft up your Will. Get it done today, and give yourself peace of mind.

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* This offer applies to Clients making their new Wills only, and does not extend to other services offered by MakeMyWill Solicitors. Offer applies to clients who give me their full instructions between 1st and 15th September, 2015.

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